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Giftus John

Grand Knight

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The Christmas Season draws near and soon we will herald another year. As we look back I am sure many of us are asking, “Whatever happened to 2016?” Looking back, it seemed that just a few days ago I took up my role as Grand Knight. This is just a reminder that we have to do the things we have to do; enjoy the things we have to do and share moments with our families and friends, because like the all too familiar saying. ”Time and tide waits for no man.”

Christmas is one time when we try to share goodwill; do good deeds; spend time with relatives; donate and give gifts and enjoy good food and drink. It is also the time that we celebrate the birth of our Lord and we dream back to the days of yesteryear and remember the Christmases that we had.

But with all this there are many who are unable to enjoy and celebrate the season as we do and we must not forget them. Many of them are our friends, relatives, acquaintances, former co-workers; formers brothers. This is the time of year, then, that we need to reach out to them and make them feel loved and wanted…It does not mean spending hundreds of dollars…sending a card; giving a small gift; calling to wish them a Merry Christmas or visiting with them for just a few minutes. For many, things like that mean a great deal that they will forever be grateful.

Christmas is a special time and even if you do not celebrate it, no matter what you do, you can’t avoid it…the songs on the radio; the midnight mass, the Christmas trees; the toys for the kids and sometimes the snow (many still love their white Christmas) and at the Knights, we, too, help bring a smile to the face of the kids, as well as the adults, at the annual breakfast with Santa…

Brothers, I want to take this opportunity to extend my sincerest best wishes to each and every one of you and your families. I pray that the Almighty will bless each of you in His special way and you get to share the magical moments of Christmas with all those who are dear to you.

I look forward to the dawn of 2017 and another year of great things at our Council, the Columbian Club and the Swim Club. Thanks to all of you, led by John Bashaw, Joe Marateo and PGK Greg Henn for the tireless work that you did this past year. We have achieved a lot and we can only aim for higher heights in the New Year. My thanks also to the Columbiettes led by Fran Carcione for all that you’ve helped us with and I look forward to continued cooperation and solidarity with each other as we undertake our various programs individually or jointly.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, everyone.

Vivat Jesus!!!

Giftus John

Fr. Bob Wolfee


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