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Giftus John

Grand Knight

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Deputy Grand Knight

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Wow…this is May….spring is here; the Knights annual convention at Wildwood is around the corner, and my term as Grand Knight, which once seemed far away, is but just a few months before it ends. Time really breezes along and we just have to cooperate and go along with it because no matter what we do, we cannot make it go any faster or slow it down.

As one individual who honestly does not love “the cold,” or winter, I always look forward to the warmer days of spring. It is a time when I get the opportunity to do much of what I love doing outdoors-planting my garden, most of all. However, it also brings out the beauty that surrounds us all…the beautiful flowers that line our streets, grow in our yards and along the roads we travel every day. Yes, I know that those of us who suffer from allergies see it in a different light, but as the old adage goes…”Nothing comes without a price.” What was dead rises and gives us hope for the future, just as we experienced during the Easter season. Christ died for our sins but he arose on Easter Sunday to give us hope.

As I mentioned previously, the annual convention will be held in Wildwood from the 19th-20th at the Wildwood Convention center. I have been with council 4504 almost every year at the Adventurer Hotel for the three days of fun, fellowship and relaxation, but as Grand Knight, I will have the privilege of representing the council at the business meeting for the first time. I am honored to be our council’s representative, together with PGK, Gregory Henn, and to be counted among the many other brothers of Council 4504 and the many other brothers from other councils, who will meet to conduct business on behalf of our councils.

To all who have signed up to be at Wildwood, I hope we have another wonderful time and make the best of the opportunity given to us to gather in a relaxed and friendly situation.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank the Columbiettes who worked so tirelessly towards making the Tricky Tray a reality. They spent long days and nights, working on baskets, boxes, gifts…everything that they could put together to make this a reality.

It is usually not the best thing to single out individuals but I hope that every one of you will allow me this once to recognize Chris Burlew, Gina Zangari, Dianne Lupo, Mary Kate Pascullo, Fran Carcione and the other ladies who worked together; volunteering their time and talents for our good. My sincerest thanks ladies and all the sisters of the Columbiettes...(Gifty baby!!!!!)

Blessings to all and let us continue to keep working together for the betterment of all our members and our community as a whole...because we will always be...Those Men They Call Knights…ready to help our less fortunate and be of service to our church and our community.

Thank You,

Giftus John - Grand Knight.

Fr. Bob Wolfee


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