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Give and You Will Receive in Return

Many of us have heard people decry those who always want but never give. There are many who always ask for help in various ways but are never willing to assist others. There are those who cry that others don’t help but they themselves turn a blind eye or look the other way. There are many who cry about people going hungry and starving yet do nothing or very little to help ease the plight of the less fortunate.

We live in a society or at a time where, regardless of how much we think there is in terms of food and clothing, there are many unfortunate people, who, through no fault of theirs, are hungry, starving, wearing tattered clothing or having to make decisions as to whether to eat or pay the rent or become homeless, especially during the cold winter months.

We are called to be our brothers keepers; to help the less fortunate; to tend to the sick, the hungry and impoverished but it is hurtful to see and hear the horror stories that some people have to live through on a daily basis and these days, even those who once had it all going for them, end up in similar situations. It is sad.

As we observe the season of Lent, we are all called to look inwards and have a new perspective, not only of what is around us, or what directly affects us, but also at those around us who are calling out for help. Sometimes the help they need are not shouted from the rooftops but a painful whimper in, lonely rooms.  In damp, cold bedrooms where children sleep without heat; in houses where a mother is scared at what tomorrow will bring and whether she will be able to feed her children. Yet, we hear stories of food being dumped or thrown away; we see abandoned houses littering the landscape while a homeless, hungry man sleeps outside in the cold.

Jesus Christ made the ultimate sacrifice for us. He became the sacrificial lamb for us. But before he did all that he exhorted us, through his teachings, to do good to each other; to take care of each other; to respect each other; to love each other  and to live in communion with each other.

Fr Michael J McGivney, the founder of our organization, realized the need to help the poor and destitute families of his congregation and he devoted his life to ensuring that when things turned for the worse, the families of all the brothers would be taken care of. He learnt, or as we say colloquially, he took a page from Jesus’ book.

We are called, as brother Knights, to continue being Christ-like in our attitudes towards our fellow human beings; to take care of each other and to pray because by praying we submit ourselves to God. Fr. McGivney set in place a system whereby, we, as brother knights, can continue to bear witness to the great teachings of the Church by taking care of our less fortunate: Doing the food drives, the Disability Drives; supporting our priests; helping the homeless and hungry and being examples to those within our communities.

May we use this Lenten Season to continue being good Christians; good Catholics; good Knights, but, most of all, great human beings. We may not get to change the world but we can at best help change at least one person; one brother knight, or change the misfortune of one person or one family in our community and ease the pain, hunger or insecurity that once stared them in the face.

The old adage still stays true…”Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you,” and what better time to give up ourselves; renew ourselves and resolve within ourselves to being part of that resolution. Tomorrow, we may well be the one who cries out for help.

Blessing brothers and may the light of Easter shine upon each of you and your families.

Vivat Jesus!

Giftus John, Grand Knight

Fr. Bob Wolfee


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