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Another Year Dawns

Yes, brothers, it is 2017. We have witnessed another year and I am sure many of us have made new year resolutions for the umpteenth time, but that does not prevent us from doing so one more time with the belief that we may finally get to where we want to be at the end of the year or maybe just to do like many others do and so we join in.

Well, I really have never set down any resolutions for any year. I just believe that if I have to make one I should do it at the time I see it fit and not wait for the beginning of a new year to do so. As Grand Knight of Council 4504, an honor I regard highly, I can only say that I hope to continue leading the Council in an exemplary manner and being the leader that my fellow brothers expect of me.

As we welcome 2017, and say goodbye to 2016, I will continue, together with my fellow officers, to look at programs that will help us promote the principles and precepts of the Knights of Columbus-as Catholic gentlemen- or continue some of what we started in 2016. Programs that will help create avenues for brothers to get involved; bring forth ideas and work together for the continued success of Council 4504 and the Knights of Columbus generally.

There are a number of events and activities that we can look forward to in the new year including the annual State Convention in Wildwood in May; Work parties to get the pool and patio ready for the summer; Membership Drives; the monthly Family Dinners and the Pancake breakfasts, among others.

I want to extend my sincerest wishes for a Prosperous, Healthy and Successful 2017 to all brothers and your families. I pray that the Almighty will guide us all and protect us all as we live up to our resolutions or just continue doing the things we love or pursuing the goals that we have set for ourselves. May God bless us all.

Vivat Jesus

Giftus John, Grand Knight

Fr. Bob Wolfee


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We will be meeting at 9am this Saturday at town hall to take down the Nativity. Looking for any brothers to assist in this. Thanks!