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Giftus John

Grand Knight

Knight Digest

Michael Willemse

Deputy Grand Knight

Did You Know?

By the time you receive your copy of the March Digest, we will be in the Lenten Season. As Catholics, this is the time of the year that we generally set aside to change the way we do some of the things that we are accustomed of doing on an everyday basis. Some of us give up meat on Fridays; others alcohol; others give up partying, while others give up smoking among other things or vices. Some of us try to be a little bit more tolerant or tolerable of things, people and situations that we have to deal with on an everyday basis whether at home, work, at our club or in the company of our friends.

At our council, we sacrifice the meals and drinks that we usually have after our general meetings as a sign of our outward belief in what the season means to us. It is a small gesture but it means that many of us are cognizant of what we should do, or know what the season means to us, and we make it a point of duty to show our appreciation for what the season means to us.

Some individuals prefer not to do any of those saying that they should not have to wait for a special time of year to realize the need to be better disciplined; to have better attitudes towards their fellowmen and to exercise restraint in the excess of everything. We all, they counter, should attempt to do everyday things in a moderate way.

But, whatever your belief or what side of the divide you are on, one thing that we are all in agreement-I hope- is that at Lent, we give a gift to ourselves. The gift of respect; the gift of reconciliation, as we make sacrifices and participate in this time, set aside by the church which culminates with Easter; the time when Christ rose from the dead after having sacrificed himself for us; dying on the cross to save us.

Brothers, let us use the Lenten Season as a time to make sacrifices that will make us, first of all, better husbands, brothers, uncles, grandpas and then brother knights, living the principles as catholic gentlemen and proud to be part of the group of men called, “Knights.”

Happy Easter brothers!

Vivat Jesus!

Giftus John, Grand Knight

Fr. Bob Wolfee


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